10 July 2022

The Salesforce Live Milan event is back!

After a three-year absence, the Salesforce Live Milano event returned live. The event, organised by the leading CRM company, was held on Tuesday 7 June in the splendid setting of MiCo Congress Centre in Milan.

Salesforce Live Milano is an annual event that brings together the main Salesforce partners and is dedicated to the universe of digital transformation, with its solutions and new trends. We, Gunpowder, were there too, as Summit Partner.

Gunpowder replies present

We participated with our own stand in the exhibition space. It was the perfect opportunity to further promote the digital solutions we have developed and the skills and professionalism that have always distinguished our company.

On the side of the event, we have collected the considerations of Andrea Pasanisi, Gunpowder Sales Manager.

The most important Salesforce event of the year is back live, where Gunpowder participated as Platinum Sponsor together with the system integrators that represent the top of the Italian IT sector. The "Live" day at MiCo in Milan was exciting and full of positive energy. The micro-events and conferences organised at different times of the day were very interesting, both for the technical and technological insights and for the market vision, which were shared and displayed by Salesforce and the various guests. Gunpowder had the opportunity to make itself known to other attending companies ( Salesforce partners and therefore also Gunpowder's partners and/or competitors) and to the numerous guests who stopped by our stand. Those who already knew us did not hesitate to leave positive comments on our work. I will mention just one: ITA Airways. Others came especially to learn more about the solutions we offer and about our expertise. I would like to thank all those who, both in attendance and remotely, supported this unforgettable experience that has certainly brought us to global market attention? 

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