Driving corporate digitalization | Gunpowder
Why Gunpowder?
Driving corporate digitalization | Gunpowder


Founded in 2016 as an academic spin-off of the Department of Engineering, Information Science and Mathematics of the University of L'Aquila, Gunpowder is a leading software house in the implementation of digital solutions.

Specialised in corporate digitalization and IT consulting, we help brands, companies and institutions to meet all the challenges required by the digital transformation.

Our team of experts, accredited with over 200 certifications, will follow all project phases step by step, adding value to your business.


Gunpowder is a software house that accompanies companies and institutions in the use of the most innovative technologies, helping them to achieve excellence in their activities. This is made possible by combining technology with relational sensitivity: High Tech ? High Touch.

Driving corporate digitalization | Gunpowder
Driving corporate digitalization | Gunpowder
Driving corporate digitalization | Gunpowder


Gunpowder stands for innovation, dynamism and competence. Our vision is to be part of the ongoing digital revolution, contributing actively to its culture, accessibility and sustainability.

Our expertise as a software house

Driving corporate digitalization | Gunpowder
CRM & Web Marketing

As digital humanism develops, Gunpowder's approach is focused on customers and their needs, looking for new strength, new needs and different perspectives.
Before even managing a customer relationship, through the use of the Salesforce CRM platform tools, we are looking for a precise identification and subsequent acquisition of potential customers. To do that, Gunpowder employs sophisticated web marketing techniques, starting from the listening and analysing market trends and propensities, and ending with individual customer identification.

Driving corporate digitalization | Gunpowder
Java & Angular

As a software house for us, the knowledge of programming languages such as Java, in combination with the Angular framework, enables the quick and easy web application development.
Java, one of the most widely used programming languages for app development, in combination with Spring Boot framework, facilitates the development of REST services for web applications and ensures soundness and security for the back-end.
Angular is a JavaScript front-end framework, one of the most widespread and popular in web development for the creation of dynamic web applications and realisation of web interfaces.
They complement each other in the development of a dynamic web application with a robust server at its base.

Driving corporate digitalization | Gunpowder
Cloud Platforms
(Salesforce, Amazon AWS, Google)

Cloud technologies enable corporate digitalization by providing the use of processing capacity, networking and data protection solutions, offering strategic advantages and a reorganisation with a focus on the resources.
Thanks to Cloud platforms, companies can benefit from countless advantages, such as flexibility, sustainability, data security and collaboration, while eliminating infrastructure costs and avoiding high initial investments.
Cloud computing allows companies to grow at a lower cost than companies using in-house solutions, setting aside the old concept of ''ownership'' and transferring to an external provider all the ''unproductive'' burdens associated with the IT resource management, focusing instead on better design and use of their own applications that will be accessible wherever and whenever through the web.

Driving corporate digitalization | Gunpowder
Mobile Applications

Native Apps, Web Apps and Hybrid Apps: software applications that could be used on mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.) have become the supreme tool to perform all kinds of operations, while expanding the company's mobility to a broader level.
In the world of mobile applications, Gunpowder employs a holistic vision and winning solutions that meet consumers' unexpressed needs and expectations, offering them increasingly usable, user-friendly and intuitive user experiences.

Driving corporate digitalization | Gunpowder
Conversational Systems
(Chatbot & Voicebot)

This new communication border between computers and people, which may already be found today in widespread products such as Alexa (Amazon), Siri (Apple) and Google Home, has already moved beyond the computer's ability to understand a written text or human voice, and is increasingly approaching the ability to distinguish and interpret aspects such as gestures, emotions and moods. The doors are opening wide for exceptional opportunities in many fields, starting with health care and treatment, and in every field where the ability to relate and communicate goes beyond simple words.

Driving corporate digitalization | Gunpowder
Advanced Data Analysis

Advanced Data Analysis contributes to business value creation by making it possible to predict the future and to act quickly, accurately and with greater confidence about the outcome. This is now possible thanks to advanced data analysis, which makes it feasible to get clear and in-depth information on market trends, customer preferences and core business activities.
Today, ''advanced data analysis techniques'' such as data/text mining, machine learning and pattern matching enable analyses and predictions on market situations, competition and customer behaviour that were unthinkable before.
From automotive companies to supermarkets, from hospitals to transport companies, there are countless business sectors where these technologies can contribute to significantly improve business performance, operational efficiency and people's quality of life.

Driving corporate digitalization | Gunpowder
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Algorithms

Planning complex activities, understanding language, recognising objects, sounds and movements, solving problems, are all activities that, until some time ago, were the exclusive prerogative of human intelligence, are now also becoming a tangible Artificial Intelligence capability. So why not try to understand how and in what contexts it could contribute to make the work of an individual or a company more effective, efficient and profitable?

Driving corporate digitalization | Gunpowder
Internet of Things

The Internet of things is a technological paradigm with unlimited potential, which can affect competitiveness, efficiency and quality of life.
This paradigm originates from the idea of bringing everyday objects, so-called 'smart objects', into the digital world, becoming the basis of the IoT planet.
We are not only talking about PCs, tablets or smartphones, but also about light bulbs, medical devices, healthcare resources and in general objects that surround us in our everyday lives.
These technologies and application areas have grown exponentially recently, all made possible by the interconnection between these smart objects.

Driving corporate digitalization | Gunpowder
Augmented and virtual reality

Among the many aspects of Digital Transformation, we find also the integration possibilities with what one can normally see or hear, overlaying digital content on top of what one physically observes, e.g., showing to a maintenance technician who is looking at a sealed plant panel, what is inside without the need to open it, or the possibility of artificially recreating a 'digital' environment that reproduces a real environment, with the possibility of 'moving' within it, simulating as if one were actually inside the real environment.

Driving corporate digitalization | Gunpowder
Satellite Image Processing and Analysis

Geospatial analysis allows data and images collected by artificial satellites orbiting the planet to be used for a multitude of peaceful purposes, including environmental monitoring, agricultural support, geological and marine research, and archeology. In all cases, one of the most common products of such analyses consists of images constructed by blending a plurality of digital information.


Gunpowder Leaders
Gunpowder Leaders
Alberto Cazziol
Honorary President
Gunpowder Leaders
Gunpowder Leaders
Guido Zacchi
Amministratore Delegato e CFO
Gunpowder Leaders
Gunpowder Autori cornice
Marco Secone
Amministratore Delegato e CTO
Gunpowder Leaders
Josep Benito Martinez
Presidente del Consiglio di Amministrazione
Gunpowder Leaders
Gunpowder Leaders
Francisco Javier Zapatero Gandarias
Gunpowder Leaders
Gunpowder Autori cornice
Juan Jose? Javier Navarro
Driving corporate digitalization | Gunpowder


We develop digital and innovative solutions to help companies, organisations and institutions to achieve excellence in their activities and grow their businesses. Our work is driven by four core principles: competence, technology and relational sensibility, customer focus and maximisation of Return On Investment (ROI).

Our team is made up of industry professionals with a high level of expertise, proven by over 200 Salesforce, Tableau and Mulesoft certifications.

Technology and relational sensibility
We are a High Tech - High Touch company that develops digital solutions by combining technology and relational sensibility.
Human centred approach

Gunpowder is a human centred company. We share all project stages with the customer: from the first touch point to the goal achievement.

Maximising ROI

Our work is focused towards reducing project development and execution time, with the goal to maximise ROI (Return on Investment).

Driving corporate digitalization | Gunpowder


Università e progetti
Technology transfer and innovation are the pillars of our open innovation approach that allow us to lead the new digital technology revolution, making a crucial contribution to its culture, accessibility and sustainability.
Driving corporate digitalization | Gunpowder


In an age of digitalization and omnichannel customer experiences, transformation is the name of the game while humanisation is the purpose of the game.
Per essere leader nella trasformazione digitale e nell?innovazione antropocentrica Gunpowder ha bisogno di connessioni e relazioni e questo è possibile anche grazie alle collaborazioni stipulate con importanti partner come Salesforce, Mulesoft e Tableau.
Driving corporate digitalization | Gunpowder

Social responsability and business digitalization

The Social Responsibility Agenda 2030 is an action programme for people, planet and prosperity.
Gunpowder's ideology is based on the paradigm of shared value. The desire to contribute to people's and the planet's well-being encourages us to nurture growth geared towards sustainable development.
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