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We select the best technology partners to offer advanced solutions

Salesforce Summit Partner

Our partnership with Salesforce, the world's number-one CRM and one of the most comprehensive Cloud platforms, began in 2017. The partnership is consolidated by a certification plan and is motivated by the profound convinction of its excellence compared to all other CRM platforms on the market.

Over the years, our relationship with Salesforce has become stronger and stronger, to the extent that we have obtained two important awards: Summit Partner and Salesforce Official Licence Reseller. Furthermore, Gunpowder has been ranked by Salesforce among the Italian "Top Local System Integrators".

Our technology partners | Gunpowder
Our technology partners | Gunpowder

Gunpowder spin-off of the Gran Sasso Science Institute

Gunpowder understands the importance of the role that people and research play in businesses, which is why, in 2020, the company became a spin-off of the Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI), the international PhD school and research and higher education centre in the fields of Mathematics, Computer Science and Social Sciences, which was established in L'Aquila in 2012.

Along with our technology partners and thanks to our relationships with Scientific Research, we make the most of the language, the processes and the tools of the digital world, part of our knowledge and technology leadership, in developing and integrating solutions to adapt our partners' innovations to your specific business needs.

Our partnership with Mulesolf and Tableau

As an SME, Gunpowder aims to help companies and institutions in managing their relationships with Customers, Employees, Citizens and Patients by using other leading ICT technologies and platforms. For this purpose Gunpowder has most recently become a certified Mulesoft and Tableau partner.

Our technology partners | Gunpowder


Thanks to the partnership with Mulesoft, started in 2019, Gunpowder can implement orchestration solutions for an increasing number of applications and services that are becoming part of corporate information systems, actively contributing to communication between systems and data flow control. Mulesoft, in fact, is a useful platform for the orchestration and management of integration APIs (application programming interfaces).

Equipped with numerous integration templates, based on vertical industry best practices, Mulesoft allows users to easily customise an off-the-shelf solution and thereby reduce integration project time and costs. In addition, it provides a wide range of out-of-the-box connectors enabling companies to better manage their tools and build increasingly strong and scalable connections over time.

Our technology partners | Gunpowder


Gunpowder selected the Tableau platform in order to be able to collect and visualise data in a wide variety of ways and to cope with the technical complexity of data management and analysis processes.
Tableau is a market-leading platform that allows users to visualise and understand their data through interactive charts, tables and maps. These elements bring data to life and provide analysts with a flexible tool for interacting with Big Data and generating clear business insights, but above all provide an intuitive and enjoyable experience.

However, to fully benefit from the value of Salesforce, Tableau and Mulesoft, Gunpowder feels the need to integrate a holistic customer view and a strategy focused on delivering personalised customer experiences they need. The result is improved marketing results, long-term customer relationships and a lasting competitive advantage for the customers we serve.

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