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Technology transfer
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Technology Transfer and Open Innovation

As an IT company with the ambition to become a national and international benchmark in the field of digital transformation, Gunpowder deploys digital solutions designed to drive innovation in today's enterprise world.
Furthermore, our special relationship with the university and research world, proven by our collaboration with the Gran Sasso Science Institute (the international PhD school and research and higher education centre), allows us to be engaged in the technology transfer of ideas, services, applications, tools and innovation from the scientific to the manufacturing sector.

Standing by our customers

When deciding to make digital innovation and therefore introduce a process digitalization, before proceeding with the implementation, it makes sense to understand if and how the process could be simplified, optimised, and improved using the potential offered by low-code technology. The goal is to provide the customer with advantages that simplify his work, and this is only possible if in reviewing an application solution we use a technology that simplifies the process or rather automates it. This is how we accompany our customers in the adoption of most innovative technologies and digital platforms.
Technology Transfer and Open Innovation | Gunpowder
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