6 December 2022

The new Gunpowder website is finally online

The Gunpowder web platform has a new graphic and conceptual look and is ready to share with its users lots of information and initiatives in a more dynamic and intuitive way.

After months of waiting, the new official Gunpowder website is finally online, with renewed graphics and new content.
The new platform allows a seamless and optimised use from any technological device, whether smartphone, tablet or PC, with the possibility to quickly access our apps, marketplaces, success stories, news and much more through a series of features that make the site's interface more stable and intuitive.

Full with digital content, the platform collects and presents all the initiatives undertaken by the company, new partnerships and all the useful information for users.
Thanks to the entry of a catchy new slogan (the human side of digital), Gunpowder webisite acquires a new conceptual look that anticipates and directs new working methods and many other novelties.

Therefore, an ample space was given to the digital and technological transformation and its connection with humans, as products of a long-standing symbiosis and history.

Digital humanism and Gunpowder

Our new website has, therefore, following in the footsteps of digital humanism, the objective of bringing changes not only on a graphical level, but particularly on a conceptual and functional one, with the desire to be a dynamic source of information, continuously updated and expanded to facilitate and support the user's research.

The new Gunpowder website is finally online

Gunpowder Passport to the Future' courses

In some sections, it is possible to sign up for courses that Gunpowder constantly organises and that are called Passport to the future, send job applications and participate in events and webinars that the company schedules on a monthly basis.

The realisation of the new website

La realizzazione del nuovo sito è stata resa possibile grazie all'impegno del team interno che si è adoperato per avvicinare Gunpowder ancora di più ai suoi clienti, contribuendo alla concretizzazione di questo nuovo traguardo.

The new Gunpowder website is finally online

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