High tech - high touch serving doctors, patients and operators

20 April 2023

High tech - high touch serving doctors, patients and operators

The importance of combining operational efficiency and personal care in organisation and management of outpatient departments and clinics.

Information technology has always offered an important aid to the management of social and healthcare activities, but the emphasis has almost always been centred on structure operation, with little or no attention paid to the day-to-day experience of the individual healthcare worker (doctor, nurse, etc.) on the one hand, and that of the patient on the other. However, the world is going more and more in another direction, and understanding the so-called customer journey, i.e. the direct experience of individuals, is becoming one of the most important factors in determining the success of any business. Anche in Sanità.

And information technology is offering increasingly effective tools to respond to this evolution.

In this webinar, we will learn more about a powerful appointment management and control tool available within Salesforce's Health Cloud, which optimises the work of a typical clinical centre by concentrating all information on a centralised platform, providing an integrated view of all activities while improving the ?user experiencevof doctors, patients and?caregivers.

The tool accompanies the entire appointment lifecycle: from booking to billing, from scheduling resources (rooms, surgeries, etc.) to sending information and reminders to the patient, from collecting consents to recording clinical data from visits or interventions.



Roberta Lovotti
Senior Consultant, Project Manager,GDPR & Risk Management
IT for Healthcare
Lorenzo Limonta
Senior Account Executive Salesforce
Andrea Battarin
Communication and Marketing Manager
Vista Vision
Andrea Pasanisi
Head of Professional Services & Training Solution
Nicolò Carafà
Pre-Sales Solution Engineer
Moira Di Silvio
Head of Healthcare Delivery
Carlo Calaprice
Salesforce Sales Project manager
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