Improving Customer Experience with Marketing Cloud

1 December 2022

Improving Customer Experience with Marketing Cloud

Pampers Marketing Automation Strategy

For all companies, the golden rule is to put the customer at the center. It's a clear and important objective, but not easy to achieve, especially when dealing with a large customer base as in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies. The first step is defining operational processes capable of managing the relationship with potential consumers and then automating them on a specific technological platform. The webinar offers the opportunity to delve into the following topics, starting from theoretical foundations and culminating in a real case demonstration by Pampers, a multinational company owned by the joint venture of P&G and Angelini, through Salesforce's Marketing Cloud platform.

The webinar is addressed at Marketing Directors, Sales Directors, CEOs, CRM Managers, IT Managers, and researchers, who will have the opportunity to learn about the power of Marketing Automation applied to a real B2C business context.


Lorenzo Spinosi
CEO & Senior Marketing Consultant
Spinosi Marketing Strategies
Carlo Calaprice
Salesforce Sales Project manager
Claudia Morgese
CRM & Customer Engagement Manager
Gianluca Giunta
Account Executive Marketing Cloud
Nicolò Martino
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant
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