Managing projects with Salesforce CRM

29 September 2022

Managing projects with Salesforce CRM

GPlan: The perfect solution for Project Managers, CFOs and IT Managers

Companies that work on projects or contracts need to manage their business activities in an integrated manner and analyze the performance of project execution through clear and customized indicators. The adoption of technological tools, integrable with their own CRM such as Salesforce (and third-party ERP), which offer the possibility to manage workflow seamlessly and share data fully on a single platform, becomes essential. In this webinar, we will discover how the advanced features of the GPlan App, integrated into Salesforce CRM, allow for efficient management of all phases of a company's contract execution, from task and resource definition to performance analysis reports, providing full visibility of costs and margins. Moreover, integration with Salesforce enables real-time sharing of the progress status with the client, allowing for monitoring of execution timelines.


Andrea Pasanisi
Head of Professional Services & Training Solution
Mirco Gentilini
Account Executive B2B Industries
Marco Romeo
Resource Management Officer
Lorenzo Spinosi
CEO & Senior Marketing Consultant
Spinosi Marketing Strategies
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