Medical Science representatives: Solutions for Improving Performance

30 June 2022

Medical Science representatives: Solutions for Improving Performance

How to Automate Workflows and Business Processes to Improve Performance and Optimize Time and Resources.

Reformulating or enhancing one's sales processes in the digital age becomes an essential priority even for companies operating in the Pharma and Life Science sector, where Sales Representatives and Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) face the daily challenge of finding new customers and increasing their results.

Tools are needed to facilitate collaboration between teams, increase productivity and performance.
We have dedicated the event to innovative solutions with advanced features that allow for improving team performance, enhancing interaction with healthcare professionals and organizations, and managing the activities carried out by Medical Science Representatives and pharmaceutical agents in an integrated manner.


Andrea Pasanisi
Head of Professional Services & Training Solution
Carlo Calaprice
Salesforce Sales Project manager
Lorenzo Limonta
Senior Account Executive Salesforce
Bruno Sartori
Resource Management Officer
Lorenzo Spinosi
CEO & Senior Marketing Consultant
Spinosi Marketing Strategies
Nicolò Carafà
Pre-Sales Solution Engineer
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