New Priorities and Challenges of B2B Marketing

2 March 2023

New Priorities and Challenges of B2B Marketing

The real case of Confindustria Medical Devices.

It's all about Marketing. Through Lead Generation, new people are attracted through specific campaigns, generating new leads and fostering engagement towards a product or service, with the aim of strengthening a sales pipeline. Lead Scoring assigns a value to each lead based on its position in the sales process, evaluating the level of interest of the Prospect based on the number and type of interactions, ultimately leading to a clear definition of buyer personas. Knowing how close a prospect is to a Brand based on specific characteristics is the function performed by Lead Grading. Qualifying prospects in order to communicate to the sales department which Target to focus on is the role of Lead Nurturing, providing customers with a strategy that revolves around the idea of 'delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.' Creating the right type of customer journey requires taking into account numerous factors ranging from Lead Generation to Lead Nurturing. All this is made possible through the Account Engagement platform (Pardot), created by Salesforce for B2B Marketing Automation. The path to change is a matter of marketing


Carlo Calaprice
Salesforce Sales Project manager
Lorenzo Spinosi
CEO & Senior Marketing Consultant
Spinosi Marketing Strategies
Nicolò Martino
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant
Andrea Pasanisi
Head of Professional Services & Training Solution
Maria Francesca Moroni
Web and Social Media Strategist
Confindustria Dispositivi Medici
Andrea Buffoni
Regional Vice President
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